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The Void of Quantum Reality - dLib

Readers will learn that particles such as electrons and photons can behave like waves, allowing them to be in two places simultaneously, why white dwarf and neutron stars are gigantic quantum objects, how the maximum height of mountains has a quantum basis, and why quantum objects can tunnel through seemingly impenetrable barriers.

Spacetime Warps and the Quantum World Speculations about the.

Included among the various interpretational issues addressed is whether Schrödinger's cat is ever both dead and alive.

Spacetime Warps and the <b>Quantum</b> <b>World</b> Speculations about the.

The Quantum World - Polkinghorne.pdf

The ideas and phenomena of the quantum world are strikingly unlike those encountered in our visual world.

Years of Quantum Mysteries - Ignacio Darnaude

He edited several books, published widely in refereed journals, was a visiting professor in other countries, lectured in international conferences and summer schools, and founded a sub-division of the American Physical Society, of which he is a Fellow.

The mystery of the quantum world pdf:

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