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His stories and poems woke my creativity; made me appreciate the macabre and morbidity that transcended what people in his time grew accustomed to--Austen, Dickens, etc.

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If you have ever read Poe and enjoyed his style and imagery then this is a pleasure to read and a joy to own.

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A sweet little cat drives a man to insanity and murder....

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And he would shriek in ghoulish delight at Gris Grimly's gruesomely delectable illustrations that adorn every page. I remember a short while ago reading a graphic novel with "modern retelling" of the stories - now they too had art to support the narrative but in addition the dialogue also had been updated and changed, this book though a more jovial and possibly juvenile approach I think still has the air of Poe's original work and for me has a greater flair for the gothic.

Tales of mystery and madness pdf:

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