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Expert Cancer Care May Soon Be Everywhere, Thanks to Watson.

This blog is the first in a series of guest posts on technology and the brain to celebrate Scientific American Mind’s 10-year anniversary.

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Watson: A Fine Conversationalist How is Watson different from an advanced search engine such as Google, or even another IBM system, Deep Blue, the first computer system to beat a world chess champion?

IN THE PRESS - What A Plant Knows

IN THE PRESS - What A Plant Knows

” What many people may not know is that the abilities of this computer, including natural language processing, hypothesis generation and machine learning, may fundamentally change the way humans interact with computers and revolutionize the delivery of healthcare worldwide.


In one prominent example of the power of computers bringing patients the best medicine, doctors at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston are using Watson to drive a software tool called the Oncology Expert Advisor, which serves as both a live reference manual and a virtual expert advisor for practicing clinicians.

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