Prevent users from downloading pdf

Prevent Chrome from automatiy opening downloaded PDF and.

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Policy Setting of the Week 18 - Allow file download Internet.

Ultimately, it is possible for the user to simply write down your content and produce their own version of the document, but the plugin makes it difficult and time consuming for most users to casually download your PDF 'to view offline' without realising they are doing something that you strictly forbid.

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PDF Embedder Secure Our license allows you to use the product indefinitely, and also includes support and updates for 12 months. Note: You do NOT also need the regular Premium version of the plugin - the Secure version includes all regular Premium functionality plus the Secure mode.

How can I disable the “Download” button on the browser PDF viewer.

Our premium PDF Embedder Secure plugin provides a simple but elegant viewer for your website visitors, with added encryption protection to ensure it is difficult for viewers to download or print the orinal PDF document.

Prevent users from downloading pdf:

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