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Jean-Paul Sartre

In particular, it is argued that, without shame, we would not have the capacity for reflective self-awareness nor eventually become relational or political subjects.

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Shame has received much attention in recent philosophical scholarship.

<i>Being</i> <i>And</i> <i>Nothingness</i> An Essay On Phenomenological Ontology.

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Philosophers working in the phenomenological tradition have positioned shame as central to the ontology of human existence, arguing that without shame certain capacities of consciousness and intersubjectivity would not be possible.

Being And Nothingness An Essay On Phenomenological Ontology.

Reading Sartre’s ontological account of ‘pure shame’ alongside recent writing about shame in early child development, particularly Martha Nussbaum’s account of ‘primitive shame,’ this article will explore the inherent links between shame, the body and vulnerability, ultimately positing that our human need for belonging is the fundamental driving force behind shame, and what gives it its ontological status.

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