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Only about 3% of African descendent and about 1% of Asian or Native American descendent has the RH-negative group.


Experts can’t agree about where the origin of this side order of humans may have originated, citing fallen angels (Nephilim) or aliens as possible sources, but they do agree on the characteristics which can include: Once you have finished checking yourself over, if you are Rhesus Negative you are already very special as very few (15%) people fall within that category. If your blood tests positive for this, you have the factor in your blood.

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There is a lot of confusion about the origin of the word Nephilim and what it means. In the Book of Genesis in the Bible it relates how the Nephilim produced children with humans.

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When blood type is inherited from your parents, it is known that this factor element of the blood is the most consistent human or animal characteristic passed on to the off spring. Northern Spain and Southern France is where you can find some of the highest concentration of the RH-negative factor in the Basque people.

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