Kenmore washer 90 series manual pdf

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The WM3770H runs quietly, though like all front-loaders, it’s more likely to vibrate your floors during the spin cycle than a top-loader would be.

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If you need to stack your machines to save floor space, most LG dryers with front-mounted controls (even old models) will fit on top of the WM3770H.

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We know that some people are wary of front-loaders because they can get smelly and seem prone to breakdowns.


The Electrolux EFLS617S is the next-best washer if you can’t find our main pick or just don’t like something about it. It’s also one of the most-efficient full-size washers you can get, likely to save you a few dollars in water and energy costs per year compared to our main pick. On the downside, it’s slower than our main pick, it can be really rough on certain fabrics, and Electrolux washers on average are not as reliable over time.

Kenmore washer 90 series manual pdf:

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