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English for Medical Professionals, Part 1

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English for doctors

Interviewer: Today I’m talking to Rajan Mehta, a retired doctor. Interviewer: And so you continued working in the NHS until you retired. First as a paediatrician, and then later I retrained as a GP. I think that there was a lot of respect for the medical profession, maybe more than there is now, and patients had a lot of faith in their doctors.

<u>English</u> for Nurses EnglishClub

Lectura de textos Académicos en Inglés licensed for non-commercial.

Our course has been designed with the support of medical professionals (both practising doctors and nurses) and addresses the question of effective, confident communication with patients, fellow doctors and practice managers and staff.

English for Nurses EnglishClub

When it comes to practising medicine or nursing in English, Medical professionals often have concerns about lacking English language skills hampering their ability to communicate effectively with their patients.

English for medical professionals pdf:

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