Calibre pdf to epub problems

How to properly convert a PDF to Mobi with Calibre.

Below are links to download the apps, but I haven’t tried each and every app to see how well they work so some experimenting may be in order.

Converting pdf to epub - MobileRead Forums

So far I’ve had good luck with these versions of Aldiko and Nook. Nook – With this app you can essentially turn the Kindle Fire into a Nook Tablet.

Conversion - convert <b>epub</b> to <b>pdf</b> with original print.

PDF to ePub problem - MobileRead Forums

You can load a number of different Android apps that support e Pub onto the Kindle Fire, and even download e Pub ebooks with the web browser and from the apps directly.

PDF to EPUB using Calibre - I need some tips - droid forums

Amazon doesn’t want you to know this, but the Kindle Fire supports e Pub ebooks just as well as it supports Amazon’s Kindle ebooks.

Calibre pdf to epub problems:

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