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The Traitor Queen The Traitor Spy Trilogy Trudi Canavan.

I feel even worse when the book on the shelf is the end of one series, and the beginning of a new series arrives on my doorstep before I find the time to get back to the one on the shelf.

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Such is the case with Trudi Canavan, whose book ‘The Traitor Queen’ arrived just as I found myself reading very little.

The <strong>Traitor</strong> <strong>Queen</strong> – Hachette Book

The Traitor Queen – Hachette Book

The previous two books in this series have rated relatively well in my mind, and while no chart-topper, The Traitor Queen follows cleanly in their shoes.

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While a great storyteller, Trudi Canavan’s writing does not necessarily jump off the page – even dismissing the poor editing job this book received.

The traitor queen download pdf:

Rating: 95 / 100

Overall: 98 Rates