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Arena Net started offering three pre-purchase editions of the game beginning on April 10, 2012: Digital Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Collector's Edition. Guild Wars 2 takes place approximately 250 years after the events of the Guild Wars: Eye of the North expansion.

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In the interim between Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2, technology has advanced to allow for guns and other mechanical devices, and new races (primarily the Sylvari and the Asura) have established themselves in the world.

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For information, tips, and tricks about Guild Wars, check out our Official Guild Wars Wiki, a place to learn about the game from fellow players.

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Guild Wars 2 will utilise the Havok physics engine to provide ragdoll animation and destructible environments, as well as occlusion culling technology licensed from Umbra Software to optimise 3D object rendering.

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