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Over a decade later, I was struck by both nostalgia and ambition and started to write a new 8-bit Atari emulator from scratch. At this point, I've learned a lot more about the Atari and Altirra now emulates more than I ever had or did years ago, but I still work on it periodically.

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However, this kernel is reimplemented from scratch, and has some compatibility problems.

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Note: Neither the author nor the software on this page is affiliated with Atari, and there is no code or software from Atari included in the downloads. Altirra is designed with emulation quality in mind, sometimes over speed and polish.

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There is a README file in the archive, but here are some quick tips: First: Software. I can't give this to you for various reasons, but there are freely available demos, and if you have converted your Atari software to disk images for other emulators, those will work too.

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