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Carnage looks especially effective in Ultimate version, that’s why we prepared this lesson. And, of course, sketch out the vertical line of the facial symmetry – this line is very helpful for the next steps. Draw the torso of Carnage and all parts of the hands, using ovals, circles and other round figures. Let’s erase all auxiliary lines from the previous steps and darken the main lines.

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But in “Ultimate Spider-Man” he was created from Peter Parker’s blood. It looks line a mouth of the character from “The Scream”.

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And the last action of this step is drawing of tentacles – they are located at the head and at the shoulders.

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It will be tutorial about horrible Carnage – frightening symbiote, the one of the hardest enemis of Spider-Man. The main features of Carnage’s figuire are disproportionately long hands and round head (man’s head have a inverted egg’s form). In this step we will draw mouth’s and low jaw’s outlines.

How do i edit pdf drawings:

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