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Karthika is a happy-go-lucky girl, until her marriage is called off. To even change the society, she needs to come out of her own... Discover little-known facts about Alec’s relationship with Sabrina and Chaz. Mike Lewis boldly narrates his fantastical story and confesses his secret: He sees horrifying visions of disturbing future events through a kaleidoscope each time he closes his eyes. But the most frightening thing is that the trace to the murderer led to everyone she love!

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This is the first adventure of Not Sally as she reveals clues to solve the mystery. It does contain silliness, more than a normal obsession with the sound a duck makes, inside jokes and an occasional lack of cohesion. Prelude is a prequel to Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 2).

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She soon comes to know that all women around the world are doomed with the same fate. Get a behind-the-scenes look at sixteen-year-old Alec Winters, a New Orleans teen-jock, before his strange, supernatural transformation.

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While in a local eatery, they get directed to a museum, where more clues are taken in.

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