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The text first sets the stage for using C with a tour of what object-oriented programming is all about, as well as the software design life cycle.

Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition Full version HD PDF, CHM

C is a complex language, and the author covers a lot of ground using today's Standard C , but without getting bogged down in excessive detail.

<b>Thinking</b> In <b>C++</b> - edu

Thinking In C++ - edu

Each chapter ends with exercises (usually about two dozen), and the entire text of the book is available on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Thinking In C++ Pdf 2nd Edition, Volume 2 By Bruce Eckel

--Richard Dragan: Introduction to objects, inheritance, composition, polymorphism, exception handling, analysis and design fundamentals, advantages of C , transitioning from C, compiling and building programs, writing C functions, flow control, C operators, data types, casting, debugging tips, pointers to functions, designing reusable C classes, conditional compilation and header files, access specifiers, constructors and destructors, function overloading and default arguments, using const and static effectively, inlining, namespaces, references, copy constructors, operator overloading, using new and delete for dynamic objects, virtual functions, abstract classes, introduction to templates, and iterators.

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