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Nandamālābhivaṃsa; Sitagu International Acedemy, 2003: About origin, history, legend, translations, and the various Abhidharma's of the different Buddhist schools: Theravāda Abhidhamma Mahāsāṃghika Abhidharma Dharmaguptaka Abhidharma Sarvāstivāda Abhidharma (with Abhidharmakosha by Vasubandhu) Mahāyāna Yogācāra Abhidharma East Asian and Tibetan Abhidharma (Abhidharmas by Asaṅga and Vasubandhu)with many links and references... Nandamālābhivaṃsa of Myanmar in English and Myanmar language, and information and photographs of his 'Institute of Dhamma Education' in Pyin Oo Lwin : Paṭṭhāna Chantings: LINKS TO CHANTINGS OF PAṬṬHĀNA (Paccayaniddesa), Audio Video: Paṭṭhāna recitation (Sri Lankan style)with subtitles in Pali and English, with background pictures from Burma(1)

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International Institute of Abhidhamma: The International Institute of Abhidhamma is a private university for Abhidhamma-studies in Pali, Burmese and specially in English. v=h2y HVYRpc WI&feature=share&list=PLk Lw Ate4AMrk6-Jv Vo P_Lge3Yd P6V5SCa(2)

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Abhidhamma Piṭaka - overview: Abhidhamma Piṭaka - The Basket of Abhidhamma overview from Acess to Insight(description in general and of the seven books supplementary reading) Piṭaka, Buddhism Downloads: Buddhism Downloads, Abhidhamma Piṭaka(links to the 7 Abhidhammabooks, texts and commentaries in Pāli, and English translations, if available) Abhidhamma website in Russian by Evgeniy Gavrilov & Tatiana Fotina with pdf-downloads of all the 7 Abhidhamma books in English translation (even Yamaka, which is not available from PTS) "A Comparative analysis of Meditation in the Abhidhammattha-samgaha and the Visuddhimagga. :https:// Website with Abhidhamma-lectures: Videos of lectures "Abhidhamma for daily life" by Sayadaw Dr. Nandamālābhivaṃsa Subjects: Applied Abhidhammma, Abhidhammatthasangaha, 7 original Abhidhamma-books and commentaries.

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