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Also the length of the pathname may not be too long (up to 80-90 characters). DBParm = "Connect String=' FILEDSN=c:\test_asa.dsn;uid=dba;pwd=sql'"When unselecting the Database Write option during a custom install of Infomaker, you can still write changes to the database.

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This way there will be no need to deploy pbd with app, resx could be embeded in EXE(DLL). A datawindow has only a computed column displayed, and the expression uses the value of a source datawindow column. If you use dot notation to insert a value into the source column for a row that doesn't exist, the rows are inserted and the value is assigned to the appropriate source column in the appropriate row. This happens for an ODBC driver and one gets an error message Program Type Out of range which comes from ODBC driver manager.

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Making an odbc connection from a Power Builder component in EAS 5.0 fails when using a FILE DSN or DSN-less connect.

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This CR is related to CR 329080 for earlier EAServer versions.

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