Pdf download very slow printing mac

How to Fix Slow PDF Files

I've seen the filesize in the print queue reported as high as 500 MB.

PDF spooling very slow - Customer

With the exception of one of the older printers, all are using HP's latest UPD (PCL6). When I print to the Laserjets there's a delay of 30  seconds (for a 5 page document, 700kb), and then between each printed page there's an additional delay of a couple of seconds. I don't want to deploy the PS drivers tbh, telling the users to select between the two depending on what type of document they're printing is not going to work. I've scoured the internet / forums and have tried everything mentioned.

HP Universal Print Driver / <i>PDF</i> <i>slow</i>

Printing PDF docs is extremely slow -

Anyone know why my printing has become slow, or how I can fix it?

HP Universal Print Driver / PDF slow

Printing PDF docs takes extremely long time and printers spit out one page every few seconds as opposed to one after another. We use PDFs alot (we're paperless) and some of the files are 2 MB.

Pdf download very slow printing mac:

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