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I'm not any sort of rivet counter but I'd like to at least have the profile and plan views close. I have A2 3-view drawings which I will try and chace up for you. If you rotate them 90 degrees (either way) you will see the distortion on the screen by comparison. If not, in Photoshop you click on 'edit' then follow the drop down menu to either 'free transform' or 'transform'.

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The best I have are from the Air War site and they are out of proportion and I don't know photoshop well enough to stretch it and resize it. I've read online that they can give museum scale results. I have both of Brain Taylors Mosquito plans Mk XVI and the VI. I also have the Don Smith plans at 106" you can get more info on it at Pete I got them from a guy when I brought some plans off him. To give you an idea of the size the larger rulers are 24" Merry Christmas Pete Merry Christmas Pete! I'm just getting over a pretty bad cold, first I've had in years, so I'm home alone before Santa arrives enjoying a few quiet moments while my wife and children are at church. Mike Mike, Those drawings look okay except for what I believe to be the vagaries of the way pixels are arranged on the PC (I don't know if this varies for different screen resolutions, but it may well).

Massive Cache of deHavilland <u>Mosquito</u> <u>Plans</u>. - Warbirds News

WW2 Mosquito Plans Found – Will Allow 'Wooden Wonder' To Fly.

The problem is that I can't seem to find good scale drawings of the Mossie. Has anyone seen or have images of the Cleveland Plans for the Mossie? I do prefer larger models these days but I'm running out of storage space. My passion stems from my grandfather who flew mossie with the RAAF in WWII. I will measure the wing span up later as it is Christmas morning and I should be playing with the kids.

Massive Cache of deHavilland Mosquito Plans. - Warbirds News

My Mosquito B4 is also available from Traplet but is only about 64" span and 'sport scale' although I do try to get my main outlines right.

Download de havilland mosquito plans pdf:

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