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NET Web API and the popular client side Java Script library called Angular JS. In its simplest form, a Web API is an API over the web (HTTP) and ASP. This will bring up the Project Tracking diagram Now it’s time to create our Web APIs to perform CRUD operations. Take a look at my article on Dev to do so - Testing CRUD operations in ASP. Now using the steps mentioned above, design the Web API controllers and their repository code in a similar manner – Now our services are ready to use in our Project Tracking website.

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In this article and the 2nd part of this series, we will build REST based services using ASP. It is a software design pattern introduced as an alternative to SOAP-based data exchange and is a way for programs to talk over the web. NET Web API is a framework that allows you to build Web API’s, i.e. NET Framework using a convention based and similar programming model, as that of ASP. These services can then be used in a broad range of clients, browsers and mobile devices. Right click on the Controllers folder and add a new controller. In the next article we will do a brief introduction on how to work with Angular JS Controllers and use these services we just built in our controllers.

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You will see five different methods in our controller as mentioned below – · Get – Use it for selecting all the employees · Get with parameter – Use it for selecting a specific employee · Post – Use it for inserting employee into Employees table · Put – Use it for updating existing employee · Delete – Use it for deleting existing employee We will write the logic to perform the CRUD operations.

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In the first part of our Project Tracking Website Project Tracking Website using Angular JS and ASP. Name it as “Project Tracking Services” and select the Web API template as shown here: Once the project has been created, we will use Entity Framework which is Microsoft’s ORM technology to perform CRUD operations against our Project Tracking database. Removes XML formatter from Web API’s formatters to make sure JSON data is returned on each request In our PTEmployees Controller, we are using new routing configuration introduced in ASP. NET Web API 2.0, check out the article What’s New in ASP. The method Enable Cors() is used to enable Cross Origin Requests in Web APIs. website developer tutorial pdf:

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