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I had real problems with blushing, and not just “regular” blushing.

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I was so nervous and agitated about being wrong and how people would react to me, my school and work started to suffer. Even shopping meant I would have to speak to people or make decisions with people watching. Becoming anti-social is the easiest way to lose friends and alienate even your family. There was nothing I didn’t over analyse and criticise.

Ten <u>Days</u> to <u>Self</u>-<u>Esteem</u> <u>PDF</u> -

High self-esteem buffers negative feedback - University of Washington

One day I made a decision to change, and I started to read everything I could about self help. Seems odd, I know, however it was my lifelong dream.

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By the time I reached university, I was so frazzled by the thought of doing presentations and group projects that my self-confidence problem would get in the way of my ability to study. Because of my inferiority complex, I couldn’t go out.

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