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So the contents look a bit aged and the pictures a bit grainy, it fulfills my needs and I am glad I can still get hold of them.thank u so much for this manual that was so cheap that i thought it was a scam but i gambled anyway because it was too good of a deal to pass up and behold,the manual has everything and details of everything even the screws and im still amazed and very happy with my manual take my word and jump on it before they realize how cheap they selling thier manuals..thank you so much for taking time to read my thoughts I do not have very much to say. Press the HIGH/NORMAL button to playback at normal speed. Adjust RV317 (DECK A), RV417 (DECK B) so that the frequency counter reading becomes 3,000 ± 90 Hz.

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The price is quite covenient, delivery was better as promised (about 12 ours, against the specified 24 hours if I remember well), and the quality of the PDF is more than acceptable.

<strong>Sony</strong> Tc Wr565 Tape Decks Owners <strong>Manual</strong> <strong>PDF</strong> Download

Sony Tc Wr565 Tape Decks Owners Manual PDF Download

This is the second Manual I have ordered from owner-manuals, I give it five stars because it is exactly what I expected given the age of the equipment. Adjustment Value: LINE OUT level : â7.7 d Bs ± 0.5 d B (0.301 to 0.338 V) Level difference between channels : within 0.5 d B Confirm that the LINE OUT level does not change in playback mode while changing the mode from playback to stop several times.

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Forward Playback Mode test tape P-4-A100 (10 k Hz, â10 d B) 47 k⦠set level meter DECK B Tape speed Adjustment Adjust DECK A first Procedure: â Forward Playback Mode â test tape WS-48B (3 k Hz, 0 d B) DECK A DECK B frequency counter 47 k⦠set LINE OUT LINE OUT 2.

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