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Forward Playback Mode test tape P-4-A100 (10 k Hz, â10 d B) 47 k⦠set level meter DECK B Tape speed Adjustment Adjust DECK A first Procedure: â Forward Playback Mode â test tape WS-48B (3 k Hz, 0 d B) DECK A DECK B frequency counter 47 k⦠set LINE OUT LINE OUT 2.

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The Service Manual of Sansui R30 itself is also satisfactory: good graphic for schematics and layouts, simple and well structured. Press the HIGH/NORMAL button to playback at double speed. Adjust RV316 (DECK A), RV416 (DECK B) so that the frequency counter reading becomes 5,980 ± 180 Hz.

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This is the second Manual I have ordered from owner-manuals, I give it five stars because it is exactly what I expected given the age of the equipment. Adjustment Value: LINE OUT level : â7.7 d Bs ± 0.5 d B (0.301 to 0.338 V) Level difference between channels : within 0.5 d B Confirm that the LINE OUT level does not change in playback mode while changing the mode from playback to stop several times.

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Turn the adjustment screw for the maximum output levels.

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