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Smashing Android UI Responsive User Interfaces and Desn Patterns.

随着Android平台市场份额的持续猛增 ,越来越多的开发者开始投入Android应用程序的开发大潮。如果您是一位2013年刚刚入行的Android开发新兵,恭喜你,因为这个平台已经在过去几年里变得愈发成熟了,绝对值得住你全情投入。目前来看,Android现成的开发资源早已经汗牛充栋,我们这篇帖子,就是要在浩如烟海的资源中挑出最重要的那些,呈现给你。 本帖对Android开发菜鸟和中级老兵同样适用,因为本帖重点列出了那些最常用的Android开发资源。 很多Android核心框架的工程师,开发者布道师以及Android开发专家都会经常到stackoverflow.com上助人为乐。以下是关于Android最热门问题的清单。我已经订阅了很多高手的RSS feeds, 例如:Commons Ware (Mark Murphy), Dianne Hackborn, Romain Guy, Reto Meier, Trevor Johns, Roman Nurik, Adam Powell (感谢, @remdroid! 很多博客能够提供给你最好最新的Android开发资源 在Google 尚未成为社交网络的时候,它就已经是Android开发资源的一块瑰宝了。以下是一些你应该关注的Google 账号: Tor Norbye (他是ADT的开发者之一), Dianne Hackborn, Romain Guy, Chris Banes, Roman Nurik, Nick Butcher, Adam Powell, Rich Hyndman, Cyril Mottier, Paul Burke, Jeff Gilfelt.

Android UI Patterns

One of the newest guides in the terrific Smashing Magazine book series, this book takes you beyond the basics with expert techniques and innovative ideas.

<i>Android</i> UI Patterns

Download Smashing Android UI Responsive User Interfaces and Desn.

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Re developing applications for Android smartphones and tablets, you know it isn? The application has to be intuitive, well laid out, and easy to use. Starting with basic components, this practical, full–color book shows you how to create scalable layouts, make use of adaptive layouts and fragments, follow Android design best practices, and design sleek, intuitive user interfaces using Android UI design patterns.

Smashing android ui juhani lehtimaki pdf download:

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