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So we need to eat healthy vegetables for their vitamins and minerals, their roughage, and powerful antibiotic benefits.

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Don’t eat too much at a single time and try to eat something hourly; vegetable salads, fruit salads, nuts, and sprouted grains are good for health and they will satisfy cravings. No-no, not that crap, CRAP; caffeine drinks, Refined sugar, Alcohol drinks, and Processed foods, In short C. Try consuming Fish oil for burning fat and they provide fatty acids to balance our immune system.

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The second advantage of fruits and vegetable is their nature of satiety; fully enriched with juicy substances and high in vitamins will end the craving for food, it means you will be hungry less often, so that means less consumption of calories. All of them are so harmful to our body and one cannot reduce weight without avoiding them.

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Eat more technique: The technique of eating more for weight-loss is not really a secret: It’s as simple as eating more fresh & colorful, healthy vegetables & fruits.

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