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This 40th Anniversary Edition includes a new preface by Stephanie Steinfeld, Ph. The topics she discusses include frigidity, the problem of the monogamous ideal, maternal conflicts, the distrust between the sexes, feminine masochism, and the neurotic need for love. Horney draws on her experience as a therapist and at the same time consistently evaluates psychological factors Download The Harvard Lectures - Anna Freud 'This remarkable series of introductory lectures on psychoanalysis is, in fact, a lucid, elegant and profound overview of classic psychoanalytic theory, in which Anna Freud spells out the main aspects of psychoanalytic psychology.

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The simple and clear language characteristic of her lecturing, the precision of her concepts and their mutual relationships, and their liveliness of this comprehensive synthesis make for a thought provoking, exciting reading experience, even after forty years.'- Otto Kernberg Download The Neurotic Personality of Our Time - Karen Horney One of the most original psychoanalysts after Freud, Karen Horeny pioneered such now-familiar concepts as alienation, self-realization, and the idealized image, and she brought to psychoanalysis a new understanding of the importance of culture and environment.

<strong>Neurosis</strong> <strong>and</strong> <strong>Human</strong> <strong>Growth</strong> Karen <strong>Horney</strong> 9780393307757

Neurosis and Human Growth Karen Horney 9780393307757

From 1914 to 1918 she studied psychiatry at Berlin-Lankwitz, Germany, and from 1918 to 1932 taught at the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute.

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Throughout, she outlines with penetrating insight the forces that work for and against the person's realization of his or her potentialities. Author: Karen Horney, Jeffrey Rubin, Stephanie Steinfeld Pages: 400 pages Format: PDF Size: 34.18 Mb Download Feminine Psychology - Karen Horney In this collection of papers, many previously unavailable in English, she brings to the subject of femininity her acute clinical observations and a rigorous testing of both her own hypotheses and those formulated by Freud.

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