Make adobe x default pdf reader

Setting Adobe Reader as the default PDF viewer

Select “Get Info.” (2) In the Get Info dialog box that opens, use the dropdown menu of applications under Open With to select Preview.

How to Change the Default PDF Reader in Windows 10

For instructions, see: How to Change the Default App that Opens Files on a Mac If you don’t want to make Preview the default app to open a file type, you can still open individual files in Preview rather than whatever you have set as the default.

How to Change the <strong>Default</strong> <strong>PDF</strong> <strong>Reader</strong> in Windows 10

How to ditch Microsoft Edge as your default PDF reader on Windows.

For example, I use Preview as the default for jpg and png files and Quick Time X as the default for audio and video.

How to Change the Default PDF Viewer in Windows 10 Updated.

While many web sites direct you to download Adobe Reader to open PDFs, I recommend that you use Preview instead, as it’s faster and less clunky than Reader, and it has more user-friendly annotation tools.

Make adobe x default pdf reader:

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