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Nihilism is not a belief something; it is a negation. we are satisfied only by the one short tale we feel to be true: .” Nihilism denies the truth of that tale: it denies the existence of any “plot” in the history of man or in our individual lives, any great story in which our lives finally have their meaning revealed.

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This is not fiction which aims to make you forget that you are holding a book in your hands.

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His novellas are rich in lore—detailed and zestful accounts of meals, reminiscent of ; names of firearms, never merely an anonymous rifle or shotgun but a Ruger 30.06; and all kinds of odd detail such as one finds in the digressions of Melville or Gogol.

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Thus a century after Nietzsche many artists still deny the existence of God (implicitly denying life any ultimate meaning), or even curse God.

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