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Or if you are interested in certain chapters that have not been completed, you could fork this project and issue a pull request to this repo. 如果你感兴趣,可以完成没有完成的题(下面有个UNSOLVED列表),或者如果你对某章节感兴趣想要完成,可以fork这个项目然后pull request进这个repo。 In order to speed up this project, we will ignore any hard problems (for instance, problems in the very end of each chapter) and review them when finishing mediocre problems.

Lecture 4 Heaps and Heap Sort - MIT OpenCourseWare

Moreover, we will only focus on sections that are interesting. If a problem is too easy to solve, we'll mark it as straightforward in order to speed up the progress.

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There is an introduction unit, where the foundations of algorithms are covered.

Lecture 1 Algorithmic Thinking, Peak Finding Lecture.

There is also an area of application or a related topic, so that students can find out the practical implications of the algorithm in question.

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