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Land in Bermuda is widely defined to include land and any building erected on land and any estate, interest, right or easement in, over or under any land or building.

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Buying a single-family home or condominium or fractional unit in Bermuda, with its only 13,000 acres in total and an average of 3,400 people per square mile is far more costly for Bermudians and especially non-Bermudians than buying one in, say, the USA (where, according to the National Association of Realtors, the median price is currently $166,100) or anywhere in the rest of the world. Nothing is cheap in Bermuda; not fuel (petrol, gas); not electricity; not automobiles or other transport; not property taxes; not alcohol, not anything.

<strong>Receipt</strong> Template - 122+ Free Printable

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Bermuda is in a unique mid Atlantic setting of green foliage, pink coral beaches and golf courses, less than two hours away by air from North America and seven from Europe.


But for those who can afford it, the rewards can be many.

House rent receipt format pdf:

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